PicLookup is excited to provide free web-based image search. When you upload a sample image file, PicLookup returns a list of matching images from the web. PicLookup can even find images based on a tiny portion of the original.

This website demonstrates the approach. Currently PicLookup has over one million images indexed. You can look at the list of image sites , download an image from one of those sites, save it to a new file, and submit your sample to see if PicLookup remembers the original. PicLookup prefers picture detail, since that has more information. Next, try extracting a small area of detail, save it and submit that to PicLookup. Your sample may have enough novelty for a match.

For more information, check out our image sites page. Better yet, just watch our short video.

We plan to add more servers and scan many more images. Thanks for checking us out.